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Welcome to JRABS!

We are a small, service-oriented bicycle shop located in beautiful Laytonsville, MD.  We pride ourselves on providing the best possible bicycle and customer service.   JRABS started as a service-oriented shop with very few bikes.  We focus on building custom bikes, doing fittings, building custom wheels, and making every bicycle perform to best of its capability.  

Our tagline "Providing Bicyclists with the Greatest Mechanical Advantage" has never been more true than now.  By saying "Bicyclists" we mean anyone who rides a bicycle - not just "serious cyclists".  It's your bike, at its best.  

If you're looking for a store with hundreds of bikes from with to choose you might be a little disappointed - at first.  Even though we don't have many bikes in stock, our almost 4 decades of experience will guide you in the right direction.  You might choose a bike that we order from one of our awesome brands (Jamis, Bianchi, Cinelli, Wilier-Triestina, Kona, KindHuman, KinkBMX, Surly, Fyxation, Soma, All-City, Ritchey, Pure Cycles, Sun Bicycles, Sun Seeker, EVO, Radio BMX, Stolen BMX, We The People BMX, BSD BMX, Sunday BMX, Black Ops, Strider, or brands that we partner with for assembly (You buy from them and have it shipped here for the best assembly possible).

Click HERE to learn about our assembly process and 30-Day Test Ride!

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We’ll bring your gear to your door. Select “JRABS Home Delivery" at checkout.

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We’re the benchmark for exceptional service in our region. We go above and beyond to ensure that your bike performs at its best - whether you have a high end road machine or any other make or model.

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