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Welcome to JRABS!

Providing Bicyclists with the Greatest Mechanical Advantage

We are a small, service-oriented bicycle shop located in beautiful Laytonsville, MD. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible bicycle and customer service.  We focus on building custom bikes and wheels, performing fittings, and making every bicycle perform to best of its capability.  We do sell bikes as well, but we take a more personal approach, rather than just than just having to settle for what’s available.  Keep reading to find out more!

Our Services

Bike being serviced

Bike Service

We’re the benchmark for exceptional service in our region. We go above and beyond to ensure that your bike performs at its best.

Rider getting a bike fit

Find Your Bike Size

Maximize your output, increase efficiency, and feel better on every ride.

Rider on a bike

30 Day Test Ride

You have a month to fall in love with your new bike! We think this is the only way to know truly whether your new bike is perfect for you.

Premium Bicycles, Gear, & Apparel

If you're looking for a store with hundreds of bikes from which to choose you might be a little disappointed - at first. Even though we don't have many bikes in stock, our almost 4 decades of experience will guide you in the right direction.  Click on the “30-Day Test Ride” section to read more about how we find the perfect bicycle for you!

Sale Bikes

Wilier Triestina Cento1NDR Disc 105 RS171
$3,499.00 - $4,095.00 $4,095.00 Up To 15% Savings
Bianchi C-Sport 1
$799.00 $950.00 16% Savings
Bianchi Impulso All-Road GRX 600
$2,249.00 $2,600.00 14% Savings
All-City Thunderdome
$1,279.20 $1,599.00 20% Savings
Cinelli Gazzetta della Strata
$1,164.41 $1,552.55 25% Savings
Wilier Triestina Wilier 0 SL Disc Chorus
$6,422.99 $8,562.99 25% Savings

Financing Available

Home Delivery

We’ll bring your gear to your door. Select “JRABS Home Delivery" at checkout.

Find Us in Beautiful Laytonsville, MD!

Preparing for your next cycling adventure? We’re here to help!