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About Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop

We're a small shop nestled in the small town of Laytonsville, MD. Although the shop is small, we believe that we are the best overall bike shop near DC and the surrounding areas for cyclists. Our ultimate goal is to give the best customer service anywhere. Do we have the largest selection? No. Do we have the lowest price? No. What we do have is the knowledge and experience to get you the products that are right for you.

Free Service For Life

Included with all new bike purchases! We’re so confident that the level of initial assembly is so far superior to that of any other bike shop around that we will perform any service adjustments, including as gear, brake, and bearings adjustments, for as long as you own your bike. Some service exclusions apply.

Bike being serviced

Bike Service

We’re the benchmark for exceptional service in our region. We go above and beyond to ensure that your bike performs at its best.

Rider getting a bike fit

Find Your Bike Size

Maximize your output, increase efficiency, and feel better on every ride.

Rider on a bike

30 Day Test Ride

You have a month to fall in love with your new bike! We think this is the only way to know truly whether your new bike is perfect for you.


We offer 30 Day Test Rides on all new bike purchases. We specialize in mid- to high-end road bikes, but all cyclists are welcome in our bike shop.