Our History

Thank you for your interest in Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop (JRABS)!

I would like to explain more about who we are as well as who we aren't. We're a small shop nestled in the small town of Laytonsville, MD. Although the shop is small, I believe that, to the cyclist, we are the best overall bike shop in the D.C. and surrounding areas. Our ultimate goal is to give the best customer service anywhere. Do we have the largest selection? No. Do we have the lowest price? No. What we do have is the knowledge and experience to get you the products that are right for you.

When I started JRABS, I wanted to enact a few principles to which I will always adhere. First, I want to develop a store where customers get the best service regardless of the amounts of their purchases and their levels of cycling experience. At many larger bike shops, the staff is usually friendly, but inexperienced. At many smaller shops, the staff is experienced, but snobby. At JRABS, we are experienced and friendly! Whether you're a first-time bike rider or a seasoned pro, you'll always feel like you're at home with us. The second principle is simple: I want to maintain a store in which the employees would want to shop, and in which the customers would want to work.

If ever you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at either 301-963-1273 or travis@jrabs.com.

Thanks again,
Travis Evans

P.S. Some of our policies are listed below.  For more detail and further information, please click HERE!


Free Service For Life with the purchase of any new bicycle*

Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop is so confident that the level of initial assembly is so far superior to that of any other bike shop in the U.S., that we will perform any service adjustments, such as gear, brake, and bearings adjustments for as long as you own your bike.

30-Day Test Ride**

At Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop, we are so confident in helping you select the appropriate bicycle to match your wants, needs, and fitment, that if you are not satisfied with it within 30 days of purchase, then you may return your bicycle for a refund.

We realize that you want to test ride your new bike, which is why we offer a 30-Day Test Ride.  We work with you to find the perfect bike that meets your wants, needs, fit, style, and budget.  After leaving with your new bike, you'll have 30 days to ride it in the real world -- not merely in a parking lot.  Take your bike home and ride it around the block, or do a century!  We think this is the only way to know truly whether your new bike is perfect for you.  We think this is the only way to know truly whether your new bike is perfect for you.

Lifetime Fit Guarantee

With every new bicycle it sells, Just Riding Along Bicycle Shop will guarantee its the fitment to you for as long as you own it. We will make sure that you have the proper size handlebars, stem, crank arm length, seat post setback, saddle, and frame size. If, at any time, you feel as though you need your bike fit re-checked, just give us a call, and we will schedule a time for you to come in to be re-fit. If necessary, we will swap any of the above items with either the same or comparable products in the appropriate size.


*We will do all external lubrication (chain, cables), adjust gears and brakes, minor wheel truing, etc.  This does not cover parts replacement, cleaning, or repairing damages.  If a part on a bike purchased from JRABS has been replaced, and we didn't install it, then adjustment of that part (and parts relating to it) are not included, as we cannot guarantee the work of somebody else.

**Please note: Any bicycle returned in either new or like-new condition qualifies for a full refund. Any bicycle returned in any lesser condition qualifies for a partial refund amount to be determined case by case at the time of return.