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Our Bikes

At JRABS we do things differently from the other stores.  The first thing that you may notice when entering our store is that we don't stock very many bikes.  There's a number of reasons why, but mainly because we are mostly a service-oriented shop.  Most shops have a huge showroom and a tiny workshop.  We prefer a larger workshop.  Also, when you look at the number of brands we sell (All-City, Bianchi, Bombtrack, Cinelli, DeRosa, Wilier-Triestina, Jamis, Kona, Surly and more), it would be impossible to stock all the resulting models in all of their colors and sizes (thousands!). So, we prefer personalizing your new bike to YOU, rather than steering you toward a bike that we happen to have in stock. 

30-Day Test Ride!*

You have a month to fall in love with your new bike!

We realize that you want to test ride your new bike, which is why we offer a 30-Day Test Ride.  We work with you to find the perfect bike that meets your wants, needs, fit, style, and budget.  After leaving with your new bike, you'll have 30 days to ride it in the real world -- not merely in a parking lot.  Take your bike home and ride it around the block, or do a century!  We think this is the only way to know truly whether your new bike is perfect for you.

 The best assembly!

At JRABS, our bicycle assembly process is the most comprehensive in the industry.  I can guarantee you that the bicycle that you purchase from me will last longer, ride smoother, be more efficient, and cost you less in the long run.  Here's why:

"Grease failure could come at any time. Factory original greases are often of the lowest quality and applied in very limited or erratic quantities. Frames are often inadequately cleaned at the factory, so bottom bracket and headset grease often has been contaminated with abrasive particles even before the bike has been ridden. For these reasons it is difficult to project the normal calendar time or elapsed miles that should occur between bearing overhauls. As a rule of thumb, 2,000-3,000 miles or two to three years of generally fair-weather riding should make a bike ready for an overhaul. The best method to determine whether grease has become due for replacement is inspection." -  John Barnett, Barnett's Manual DX

Bikes are shipped to bike shops in the same manner, no matter the brand.  What the bike shop does from there will make a huge difference in the bike's performance and longevity.  Here are the approximate times to assemble a new adult bicycle:

  • Mass merchant: 15 mins
  • Chain sports store: 20 mins
  • National chain bicycle store: 25mins
  • Local chain bicycle store: 30 mins
  • Independent bicycle shop: 45 mins
  • JRABS: 2-3 hours

When shopping for your new bike, ask them if they:

  • Opened up the hubs and injected better than factory grease (applies to loose ball bearing hubs).
  • For disc brake bikes: Did the brake pad bed-in proceedure
  • Pulled the rear wheel off, lubricated the freewheel threads or cassette splines and used a torque wrench to re-install.
  • Stressed the spokes then re-tensioned, re-trued the wheels
  • Lubricated the cables
  • Test rode your bike and then re-checked everything

We do all of this and and much more!  Buying your bike at a chain store?  Not a chance.  Here it's just me - Travis.  I'm guy that will sell you your bike, build it, and service it (not handing it off to some mechanic you never meet).  I am here to make sure that you get the best bike for you!

*Bicycle must be returned in sell-able condition. Wear and tear and replacement of components and/or repairs will be deducted.