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Chain, Cassette, and Freewheel Services

Size and/or Install Chain $14 CF1 Includes installing a new chain to proper size, or changing size of an already installed chain.

Install Link $10 CF2 Applicable when installing a new master link, but not changing the size of the chain.

Remove, Clean, and Install Chain $27 CF3 Can be added to installation of new chain if original lubricants need to be replaced.

Remove Freewheel (thread-on type) or Cassette from Wheel  $7  CF4 Generally applied as an over-the-counter charge when a customer brings in a wheel and wants the freewheel or cassette removed as the only work.

Install Replacement Freewheel/Cassette
On derailleur bike  $24  CF5.1 Includes removal and installation, minor adjustments of derailleur limit screws, and setting of cable tension. Does not include re-spacing hub to fit a freewheel with more gears (add hub adjustment and wheel truing charges) or re-sizing chain.

On non-derailleur bike  $14  CF5.2  Applicable on BMX freestyle; if new freewheel has different number of teeth, add CF1.

Remove, Clean, & Install Freewheel/Cassette

 $32  CF6 Includes removal and re-installation of wheel and may be discounted if the wheel is already off the bike.
Freewheel/Cassette Cogs: replace existing cogs

 $16  CF7 Applicable when replacing worn cogs with same cogs, including on freehubs.