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Knock Off The Cobwebs

Knock off the cobwebs.
Bike in sad shape after a winter of neglect? It's OK, we are here to help. Call, email, or stop by to scheule a spring tune-up. 

Ride Allegheny 2017! Register or donate today!

Join us on the 17th edition of Ride Allegheny!  Since 2005, Ride Allegheny has raised over $2.25 million for Operation Second Chance, a local charity that helps wounded soldiers and their families get back on track.  Register today for the ride of your life!

We Proudly Carry Bianchi Bicycles!

Bianchi bicycles are built to ride great and last!Rich with cycling history, crowned with numerous elite podiums and ever at the forefront of technology, Bianchi makes some of the world's finest bicycles. Swing by our store, check out our excellent selection and maximize your riding fun on one of our beautiful new Bianchis!

Kona Bikes—Shop Now

Kona Bicycles Sold Here.

Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift For the Discerning Cyclist

Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift For the Discerning Cyclist

Today's Tip

Jumpers: Top Off Your Tires - If you're going to ride the dirt jumps or BMX track, make sure to air up your tires to at least 40psi. Your wheels will roll faster and feel more precise on the takeoffs and landings. In fact, many jumpers run their pressure much higher than this, however, if you do, first make sure that the tires are properly seated on the rims or else they can blow off. Bring your bike in if you're not sure so we can advise.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

A section of road or trail with closely spaced bumps that, if you ride over at speed, about jars the fillings in your teeth loose.

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