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Cinelli Tutto Plus Frameset
Tutto Plus is your do-everything high-performance urbantrack frame: it can quickly morph from messenger work bike complete with front rack to crit race bike to single-speed cross machine to indestructible commuter. Obviously made with Columbus Cromor steel tubes. Tutto has been constructed to be able to accept a rear derailleur and a modern road race wheel. A segmented TIG welded fork which improves rigidity as well as the overall aggressive street-ready aesthetic of the bike.
Jamis Beatnik
PRE-ORDER NOW This bike is NOT currently in stock, but you can put your name on one of the first ones by ordering now. We do not have a confirmed date of ability yet. It could be weeks, it could be a couple of months.
Cinelli Gazzetta
Gazzetta is the urban stationary par excellence: low maintenance and unbeatable versatility. The geometries have been optimized and the distribution of the measures revised over four sizes. The bike of choice for messengers is also the favorite of ambitious commuters and urban racers.
Cinelli Tutto Plus
Tutto Plus is the most recent, detailed and sophisticated urban track ever, able to transform itself from messenger work bike with front rack to criterium bike, to single speed cyclocross, to indestructible commuter. Obviously made with Columbus Cromor steel tubes. The Tutto Plus frame has been designed to also allow the mounting of a rear derailleur and accommodate a modern racing wheel. The TIG welded fork makes it stiffer and gives it an aggressively urban aesthetic.
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