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Pedal Services

Install Pedals (Pair)
Without toe clip installation  $7  PD1.1 Applicable where no toe clips are used, or toe clips are pre-installed.

With toe clip installation  $21  PD1.2  Applicable when no toe clips need removal, but toe clips are installed.

With toe clip removal & reinstallation  $27  PD1.3 Applicable when toe clips are taken off a set of pedals and transferred to pedals to be installed.

Install toe Clips and Straps (Pair)  $12  PD2 Applicable when toe clips and straps are installed on pre-installed pedals; includes removal of old clips.

Adjust Pedal Bearing, Each  $14  PD3 Applicable when pedal doesn't require removal to adjust; some models need pedal body secured in vise for adj., add PD1.1 in these cases

Overhaul Pedals, Pair  $119  PD4 Remove, disassemble, clean, inspect, add fresh grease and balls, adjust bearings and reinstall pedals

Overhaul Cartridge Bearing Pedals, Pair  $103  PD5 Includes removal & reinstallation of pedals; applicable when bearings are simply replaced as a cartridge unit.