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Frame Services

Align Centering and Width of Rear Dropouts (frame ready w/o bottom bracket and rear wheel)  $33  FR1  Correct centering and width errors of the rear dropouts. Applicable when bottom bracket and rear wheel are out; not for repair of damaged frames, but for the purpose of correcting poor manufacturer alignments; not a charge for doing a full frame table prep, but simply for stringing a frame or using the Park #FAG-2.

Align Centering and Width of Rear Dropouts (includes R&R of bottom bracket and rear wheel) 

 $110  FR2  Same as FR1, but includes charges for removal & reinstallation of bottom bracket and rear wheel.
Align Dropouts  $17  FR3  Applicable as a separate charge, or as an add-on to FR1 and FR2.

Align Right Rear Dropout Damaged by Shifting Derailleur into Spokes(includes hanger alignment)

 $41  FR4  Includes closing down spread-open axle slot, aligning dropouts to each other, and aligning derailleur hanger.
HeliCoil Rear Derailleur Hanger  $41  FR5  Includes drilling, tapping, and inserting helicoil.