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Fork Services

Align Fork  $27  FK1  Applicable when the fork is already out of the bike for another reason. Includes aligning the blades so that the dropouts are centered, the correct inside width for the wheel, and aligned fore and aft. Does not include steerer tube alignment (not recommended to perform).

Align Fork, Including removal & reinstallation  $90  FK2  Same as FK1, but applicable when the fork needs to be removed only for the purpose of alignment; includes removal & reinstallation of stem and wheel, and overhaul of headset.

Cut Steering Tube to Length  $21  FK3  Applicable when the fork is already out of the bike for another reason, and must be shortened; if new threads need to be cut, add FK5.3.

Install Replacement Fork(includes cutting steering tube, alignment, and minor brake adjustment)

 $156  FK4  lncludes normal steering tube sizing, matching fork width to hub, and removal & reinstallation of brake including minor adjustment.
Surcharges to Install Replacement Fork
Mill fork crown  $26  FK5.1  Add to FK4 when the fork crown race is not a proper fit to the fork.

Major brake adjustment  $46  FK5.2  Add to FK4 when the new fork changes the brake adjustment dramatically (particularly with pivot-stud-mounted types such as V-brakes (linear pull), cantilevers, U-brakes, and rollercams).

Add threads to steering tube  Hourly   FK5.3  Add to FK4 when stock replacement fork does not have enough thread; flat rate cannot be applied because amount of thread to be added is too variable.