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Crank Services

Install Chainrings on Crankarm
With no change of large chainring size

 $19 CK1.1 Does not include derailleur adjustment or crank arm removal & reinstallation if required.
With change of large chainring size (includes repositioning front derailleur)

 $32 CK1.2 Includes front derailleur adjustment required by changing size of large chainring; does not include crankarm removal & reinstallation, add CK6.1 if necessary and chain shortening if necessary. Does not include installing new longer chain.
Replace Left Square-taper/Spline Crankarm

 $10 CK2 Includes pedal and arm removal & reinstallation.
Replace Right Square-taper/Spline Crankarm
With identical replacement

 $25  CK3.1  Includes pedal, chainring, and arm removal & reinstallation.
With non-identical replacement (includes front derailleur adjustment)

 $41  CK3.2  Same as CK3.1, but includes limit screw and cable adjustments required by chainrings being positioned further in or out; does not include changing derailleur height or resizing chain if the large chainring size changes (in this case add DS1 or DS3).
Install BMX 2-pc/3-pc Crankset

 $82  CK4 Remove old crank & BB, install new crank and BB (includes installing chainring). New chainring size requires adding install chain.
Square-taper/Spline Crankarm R&R
Normal removal

 $10  CK6.1  Applicable as an add-on charge to other jobs, or as an over-the-counter service to a customer. Per Side.
W/ chasing threads with Bicycle Research TC-8

 $17  CK6.2  Same as CK6.1.
Repair removal threads with Stein CES system

 $28  CK6.4  Stein CES system works by tapping new over-size thread in arm, which then require installation of a CES one-key release (separate part charge) or use of Stein CES remover for all future removals. Due to combined expensive of labor and price of CES one-key release, this may only be applicable on arms that are expensive to replace, or difficult to find replacement due to unusual configuration or size.

Replace Crankarm and/or Chainring Assembly Of One-Piece Crankset

 $69  CK7  Includes removal of crank, cones, locknuts, bearings, chainring/spider, and cups if to be replaced; includes complete re-assembly w/ new parts, fresh grease, and bearings. Doesn't include resizing chain or derailleur adj. as a consequence of installing different chainring(s).
Install New Square-taper, Spline, or 2-piece External Crankset 

 $118  CK8  Includes front der. adj., chainline & chain length adjustment. Includes bottom bracket replacement; does not include tapping and facing.
True Crankarm Spider Arms  $21  CK9  Covers attempting to true the chainring-mounting arms while on the bike.