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Assembly & Packing Services

Assemble Customer-Designed Custom Bike                            Hourly   AP1  A fixed rate cannot be assigned to assembling a customer-designed bicycle in case any incompatible components were selected during the design process.
Assemble Mail-Order/Costco/Amazon bike per hour Hourly AP4 Same as AP2.  We may decline some budget brands due to low material and manufacturing quality.
Unpack and Assemble Used Bike

 Hourly   AP2  Estimating this job can be complicated due to the extent of disassembly before the bicycle was packed in the box, as well as its unknown state of tuning and general condition. Consequently we recommend our Level 1 Tune-Up so that any pre-existing conditions can be addressed within the estimate. Otherwise, the customer must sign-off that they are responsible for any pre-existing conditions.                                                                                                                                   
Pack Bicycle for Shipping

 $125 AP3 Includes extensive use of protective materials on frame tubes, blocking of the fork blades, cable disconnection as needed, and fully securing all loose parts in the box. Additional charges may be applied due to the nature of any accessories that must be removed, and to cover the cost of the box.